In the News

"Love to drink wine but don't love the calories that come along with a glass of your favorite Pinot or Chardonnay? Well, wine-os of the world unite because Weight Watchers has you covered."
~ New Beauty


"At fewer points per glass than your typical vino, you won't have to choose between a glass of wine or dessert!" ~ First for Women


"At just $15 a bottle, this is a dream come true to anyone watching their calorie consumption."
~ PopSugar


"Cense has a crisp, high acidity component with a grapefruit-like taste and a hint of sweet pineapple... If you're concerned that Cense might not taste as good as regular wine, you'll be happy to know that the flavor of the Sauvignon Blanc is still there, it's just the amount of alcohol that's reduced."
~ Swirled


"We knew Oprah wouldn't let us down! She figured out how to get bread onto her Weight Watchers diet, and we will now get wine."
~ USA TODAY Online


"After sampling a bottle, we were surprised to find how much it tasted like a classic Sauvignon Blanc. The nose is heavy on the grapefruit — mostly ruby red grapefruit — plus a good bit of Meyer lemon, followed by a hint of candied pineapple. Those aromas carry through to the flavor, which is citrusy with a touch of green jalapeno-like notes. Raise a glass to fewer points per pour!"
~ Delish


"Never regret another happy hour. Add in a pint of low-cal ice cream and a good rom-com, and your Friday night is complete."
~ The Daily Meal


"Everyone will want to drink this! Weight Watchers has made happy hour a bit happier with its latest product announcement."
~ DailyMail